Hi! My name is Michaela, I'm a 21 year old TV junkie from Romania. I basically love every character you hate. Sometimes I complain about things. Deal with it.
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"michaela ilu moar even though you’re not the real aj cook" - Cah
"michaela is fierce and doesn’t give a fuck and that’s what i love about her" - Shelby
"i want to have ‘murdered by michaela and hugh dancy’s face’ written on my gravestone okay" - Leo currently on a marvel high you have been warned.

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I'll ''should'' you right through that window.

If you two ever think about getting back to our side of the business, give me a call.

I don’t think so.

Civilian life, here we come.

OTP + Performing a magic trick together.

One thing I know is that when you feel that way about someone, you gotta hang on, ‘cause - it doesn’t happen very often.


“Simon and I finish each other’s sentences. We know each other so well and all of sudden, there’s this person who’s new. But he’s a lovely guy and I really enjoy him. So, it’s interesting. I have to be careful — I can’t be too nice to him in front of Simon or he’ll get jealous.”

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Kim & Lisbon