Hi! My name is Michaela, I'm a 21 year old TV junkie from Romania. I basically love every character you hate. Sometimes I complain about things. Deal with it.
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"michaela ilu moar even though you’re not the real aj cook" - Cah
"michaela is fierce and doesn’t give a fuck and that’s what i love about her" - Shelby
"i want to have ‘murdered by michaela and hugh dancy’s face’ written on my gravestone okay" - Leo currently on a marvel high you have been warned.

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I'll ''should'' you right through that window.

I think he still wants to save lives, that’s what I think


if i see any bullshit of people saying strauss deserved to die i will bust through your door and throw you out your own window

lmfao i was literally counting the seconds until someone suggested that lisbon fainted because she’s pregnant

if i never see notification for that gibbs+usb post it would still be too fucking soon

okay ncis fandom now let’s flip our shit over a pic that’s clearly photoshopped and linked to deviantart and also posted in august LAST YEAR


when one of your old graphics resurfaces

“Sterling knows us, he knows how we think.”
“So, we think like somebody else.”