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20 Days of Challenge: For Gifmakers who want to test themselves.


Someone messaged me last night asking me to make a challenge/prompt for people who want to test their skills and challenge themselves as gifmakers. I thought that sounded like a fun idea, so i’ll be doing that with a bit of a spin on it. There are some challenges that put you through the ringer on an aesthetic sense, and others that force you to look outside yourself and outside your interests. One of the things that really helped me push my creative boundaries was learning to do things that I wasn’t always pumped to do, so this challenge will offer you that. A mixture between trying new styles and looking inside yourself to be able to create things with passion even if the subject matter isn’t appealing to you. 

Notes for terminology: Since different sets have different “looks” and no specific names, I’ll be linking to a hastily put together group of images. I will also be using some of my own sets as “example” sets. I can’t think of any other way to do it, lol. 

Other Notes: Not everybody has all of the free time in the world. Obviously the whole “20 days” thing doesn’t really need to be one a day. Also, I would consider this more of a private challenge. You don’t necessarily need to write “DAY 1 BAH BLAH” on the bottom of your sets if you don’t want to. 

This challenge will likely force you to attempt several new styles that you are unfamiliar with, and is recommended for people with a decent understanding of PS. All styles will have linked tutorials, and range from very easy to hard.

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