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“Simon and I finish each other’s sentences. We know each other so well and all of sudden, there’s this person who’s new. But he’s a lovely guy and I really enjoy him. So, it’s interesting. I have to be careful — I can’t be too nice to him in front of Simon or he’ll get jealous.”

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Kim & Lisbon 

"You prefer tricks?"

"You could say that."

AU where Teresa Lisbon is the protagonist of The Mentalist



Think about it.

  • Rising star CBI agent. Capable, intelligent, dedicated, and plays by the rules (because learning how to play by the rules was how she survived after her mother died). A woman promoted to Senior Agent at a young age.
  • Recognizes the potential in her junior agents when other Senior Agents passed them over. Works seamlessly with Cho even when their methods and strategies differ. Understands the hidden darkness in Rigsby and silently protects him from situations that would allow that darkness to make him vulnerable. Mentors the inexperienced but eager and equally dedicated Van Pelt, particularly because she knows how important it is for a young female agent to have that kind of help.
  • And then there’s her consultant. Her incredibly damaged consultant who gets dumped on her when he’s in bad shape, but as much as he scares her sometimes it’s only because she worries for him. Never for herself. They butt heads constantly at first because his methods are so very different from hers, but slowly the adapt to each other. They even become friends of a sort. She reins him in when he goes too far and protects him like she protects her team. And he watched out for her in his own way, makes sure she remembers to eat lunch and look up from her desk every once in a while.
  • This allows the Red John story becomes a genuine struggle between characters on equal footing. Where his very real need to see Red John dead doesn’t take away from Lisbon or any of the other team members.

It would be amazing.


#GRACE!!!!!!!!  #U P S E T  #teresa lisbon  #the mentalist  #i realise you wrote this a while ago but i think it is always applicable  #imagine this in a reboot setting  #we see lisbon slowly moving on the rj/jane show down  #the endless paper work after the end of the cbi  #the rumors the scrunity  #sometimes it’s hard and it’s scary because you can never be sure who’s a member of the blake association  #more and more names appear every day  #but teresa lisbon grits her teeth and puts her head down and FIGHTS because thats what she does  #thats what she’s always done  #then right when she thinks she might really break; the first letter comes  #it mentions dolphins and the sea air and what could possibly be an apology  #(she breathes again)  #she moves to washington  #she doesn’t have many job options anymore but sheriff isn’t too bad of a gig  #the people are nice and things are /quiet/ for once  #she dates casually because she’s not going to martyr herself not anymore  #but its hard to really get attached to someone when her heart stutters every time the mail arrives  #she’s just thinking that she might be getting a little bored here when all of a sudden the fbi come asking for patrick jane  #(figures)  #before she knows it she’s in a fbi interrogation room and then in patrick jane’s arms  #teresa lisbon was never meant for a quiet life 

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