Hi! My name is Michaela, I'm a 21 year old TV junkie from Romania. I basically love every character you hate. Sometimes I complain about things. Deal with it.
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"michaela ilu moar even though you’re not the real aj cook" - Cah
"michaela is fierce and doesn’t give a fuck and that’s what i love about her" - Shelby
"i want to have ‘murdered by michaela and hugh dancy’s face’ written on my gravestone okay" - Leo currently on a marvel high you have been warned.

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I'll ''should'' you right through that window.


Idris Elba as Professor Moriarty
Learning to see the puzzle in everything
seems like a lonely way to live.  


#and the tears come streaming down your face


House destroyed the rest of his life to give Wilson a few more months with his best friend before he died. 

He traded his ENTIRE life for a few months with the only person that ever really mattered.

Because Wilson IS his entire life.

In a sense, he died for Wilson, instead of laying down and dying for himself like he thought he was going to do.

Sophie: I think it went through and through. Well, it missed your artery.
Nate: Well, at least there’s that.
Sophie: Things could be worse.
Nate: Worse than me getting shot and you blowing our cover?
Sophie: No, no, you’re not gonna lay that crap on me. We wouldn’t even be in this mess if you’d just walked out with the cash when you had the chance. I would’ve been fine.
Nate: I know.
Sophie: Yeah, I can take care of myself.
Nate: I know.
Sophie: I’ve been doing it a long time.
Nate: Yeah, I know.
Sophie: Since way before I met you.
Nate: I know, I know.
Sophie: I’m just saying.
Nate: Okay, got it.

“I’m proud of you” - House (Informed Consent 3x03)